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Maasai Cultural Exchange Project

Mission Statement


The purpose of the Maasai Cultural Exchange Project is to support the efforts of the SIMOO. SIMOO* has as its goal the improving of living standards of the poorest community members among the Maasai, as well as celebrating and preserving the most valuable aspects of Maasai traditions. The hope is that the project will help promote global awareness through education and cultural exchange with the Maasai.


*Simba Maasai Outreach Organization is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) nonprofit organization serving the Maasai, an indigenous nomadic tribe from Kenya, East Africa.



The purposes of the project are to:


*    Raise awareness of the needs of the Maasai to develop sources of water


*     Improve their health and living standards, which includes education and empowerment of women

*    Help the Maasai maintain and foster their rich cultural traditions

*    Provide educational and professional resources and networking to SIMOO


Maasai woman beading

Maasai Folktale Project

The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel: An Ancient Maasai Folktale in Print

MCEP is excited to announce the April 20th release of The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel, an ancient Maasai folktale, in the form of a children’s coloring book. This folktale, illustrated by Bucks artist Pat Achilles, will include English and Swahili narratives on each page. Besides being available for schools in America, Maasai children across Kenyan primary schools will read this very old story in English and the Kenyan official language of Swahili.