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Second Well Hits Water on August 31, 2006

First Well Drilling Successful on December 1, 2005



In June 2005, MCEP received its first anonymous donation of $30,000 to fund the drilling of a well and we hit water in December 2005.  A year later, in 2006, two additional wells were drilled – one in the village of Ilngarooj and the other in the village of Olmeroi. The Ilngarooj well, dubbed St.Peter’s Well, was funded by an anonymous donation and hit water on August 31, 2006. St Peter’s Well provides water to approximately 3,500 people and more than 10,000 livestock. The Rotary Club of Doylestown, USA, sponsored the well in Olmeroi, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Langata, Nairobi. This well hit water on September 27, 2006, and benefits about 2,500 people and 10,000 livestock.

Francis ole Sakuda

Executive Director SIMOO - Simba Maasai Outreach Organization

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Anonymous Donor Helps Fund Well

Dear Friends,


In May and June, 2005, Maasai tribal members presented many cultural programs to area organizations including the Doylestown Rotary. Mike Scobey, Intelligencer Newspaper publisher and Rotarian, heard the story of the Maasai's desperate need for water. The newspaper published a front page story on the efforts of MCEP (Maasai Cultural Exchange Project), a Bucks County volunteer nonprofit effort working to raise funding for wells and education for the Maasai in Kenya. Many area residents responded to the newspaper article with an outpouring of financial support by way of tax-deductible donations made to MCEP. Among them, a sophomore college student from Bucks County graciously and generously made a donation of $30,000 to the Maasai well project.


The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, feels incredibly fortunate to have survived a life-threatening automobile accident and wants to share life's blessings by giving the precious gift of water. The donor says that faith in God and family support have inspired the gift. This remarkable young person along with all the others who have shown concern for the needs of the Maasai will now make it possible for them to have water in their village. MCEP continues to fundraise for additional wells and education. Funding and completion of the film project also remains a priority. Along with Maasai leaders, Francis ole Sakuda and Daniel Salau, MCEP members are dedicated to documenting and perpetuating the story of the Maasai indigenous tribe to help their culture survive.